Dear Listener, a little background on Blaug,

All over the map:  this seems the style of the NW nowadays.
Who knows what new styles will come bubbling up in the petri
dish of this sonically lush, marine west coast.  

Blaug recordings are meant to illustrate that diversity by the following
collection of song recordings I have made from artists that shared
the stage with me.   As in we are on the same bill at a particular event
and these recordings are from those shows.  

Though I only include a select few of my own recordings, that is not
the point as much as to give a large reflection of who I am as an artist
based on the performers that influence me.   And here are the actual
recordings that have and will influence my musical thought process.

Recordings made, yet to be posted include but are not limited to
by any means:

grunge set from  VERA Project with crushing Your Heart Breaks, Nana
Grizol and Jordan O'Jordan recordings, WelcomeFest 2 and 3 featuring
Mike Ferrario of Violins fame, No One and the Somebodies, The Cave
Crickets, more Solvents.  

Mostly the music speaks for itself here.   Enjoy your spelunking.


Karl Blau

Updated January 9th 2013

contact Blau <-------

Lori Goldston's Winter Solstice 2012  WelcomeFest 1
20/20 Cycle Show 11/9/12   Microfest Langley Summer 2012   UNKNOWN Series vol. 1
Mount Eerie  - [Business Show], [Night Forest Zone] Lovers Without Borders,
The Daffodils, Hungry Cloud Darkening , Lazer Zeppelin, Lonesome Shack ,
, Madeline Adams ,  Tahoe Jackson, The Finches, Whysp, Chris Sand
aka Sandman
, More Lori Goldston, Broken Water, Bryan, Frank & Bob, Kusikia,
Forest Park
, Takhoma, Motorbikes newer/older, Daniel Higgs Bill Wesley
Ruthann Friedman Soft Shells The Mumlers David Jaberi Salt Mines,  Ed Masuga,
Spoonshine, Ropin' the Wind, LAKE, EARTH, Curious Mystery --  older/newer,
Midtown Dickens
, Arrington deDionyso/Malaikat Dan Singa, Nikaido Kazumi,
Angelo Spencer Et Les Hauts Sommets, Department of Safety, Gigi, Calvin Johnson,
Let's Build a Zebra Tour LAKE/KB
, Karl Blau --Zebra, Mike Dumovich ,
Mike Dumovich as poet
, Karl Blau Videos, Lexi Mountain Boys, D+, Generifus,
Your Heart Breaks
, Laura Veirs

and yet elder Blaug


Lori Goldston on cello, Kanako Wynkoop drums, Jessika Kenney voice, and with Dave Abramson
percussions.   Giving the spiritual direction West a sound at the Josephine in Seattle on December 21st.


(caution, though this is an mp3, it may take a few minutes to load because it's a pretty long improvisation
plus some pre banter, etc.)

WELCOMEFEST (the first)

WelcomeFest 1 took place outside of the Business at 4th Street and Commercial this Summer.  
The Business website posts their shows coming up which are always free and always at 5pm.
However, this "Festival" was not an official Business show.  It started about 3:45 pm and lasted
until 5pm.   The seed that turned into WelcomeFest was sown with the intentions of entertaining
a captivated audience waiting for Will Oldham to arrive and play as Bonny Prince Billy at our
own little music store in tiny Anacortes.   I thought to myself planning this entertainment
perhaps 100 people or more even would be hanging out around the corner and maybe some
local artists could sell some albums themselves or at least help create some awareness.   I figured
also that people probably wouldn't mind.   Will may not even care.  

With just a couple days notice scared up some Anacortes talent namely Sleepy Lagoon: Anacortes
teen rockers who boast an unprecedented acoustic set;  Motorbikes: now known as Ever Ending
Kicks and Paul Benson;  John VanDeusen: who caused quite a twitter storm that he was playing
on the street in the middle of the afternoon downtown; and I sang some songs as well. 

Sleepy Lagoon
song one - song two - song three

John Van Deusen
song one - song two - song three

song one - song two - song three

Bonny Prince Billy (even though his was a different show, one for the gipper)
one song


20/20 Cycle, Central District, Seattle -  evening of  November 9th 2012

The boombox tape recording deck set atop the monitor in front of stage.  I thought I wouldn't get much vocals, but it's better than I thought. 

Lovers Without Borders

3 songs: 

one - two - three

Ever Ending Kicks

2 songs:

one - two

Karl Blau with Brian Tottenham on bass, Ben Starner on the piano and Paul Benson - drums


MICROFEST twenty-something   

Summer 2012 in the days following Unknown Series Vol. 1

This was a great scene around a campfire at the Moore's in Langley with a li'l PA set up and a drum set and a few amps and keyboards and folks hanging out, eating chai, listening, smooching.
A lot more short acts happened than I caught on tape, but this gives an idea of the ambiance. 

Baby Island


Solo Violin by one of the Brennan clan (did I spell Brennan right?)

Tahoe Jackson the Amazing and everyone as Her Band


Billy Don's song about the knot in the Devil's Tail


(in the process of posting these mp3s...)

This Summer "The Unknown Series Vol. 1" took place
in my very own town of Anacortes, Washington State
Put together by Phil Elverum and friends. I went to
almost every show with my boombox and box of blank
tapes in tow. A REALISTIC model no. SCR-10 that my
Grandpa left me- it's the kind of machine where you
push record and you get what you get, no levels to
mess with, no funny biz.  Just gotta get lucky and
use a bit of common sense, if the PA is up high,
and you have your boombox on the floor, you're not
gonna get the vocals, etc. This festival was amazing,
if you didn't go you may get a sense by listening
to these recordings.  You can hear the church space
in the echo and feel the outside shows with the cars
driving past and the bird calls, construction workers,
even distant espresso foaming.   D+ did start the
festival, and I thought I shouldn't scrimp on the
opening monologue:  13 plus minutes of Lunsfordian
banter in total for the opener "Jesus Is In The Way."  
You have been warned.

Unknown tumblr site here<---

D+ -
        Jesus Is in The Way
        Time To Stop
        Youth Minister
        Dial Down The Upload
        Better Bee
Calvin Johnson
        (a message about Unknown from Calvin)
O Paon -
        (the thunder outside during this concert)
Karl Blau(guitar and voice) with Brian Tottenham(bass), Ben Starner(piano), Paul Benson(drums)
        If I've Died On You
        Beautiful Northwest
        Slow Children
        All Over The Town
Joe Gurba -
        Instructions For Toppling A Hierarchy
        In The Silence
        Holding And Knowing
        The New Gamble
        The New Prevention
        A Long Day
Ashley Eriksson
Mount Eerie
Thollem McDonas
Dylan Carlson
Lovers Without Borders
        My Harem Shall All Have Hashbrowns
        Take It Away
        Gentle Reminder



(  )
//     \\

Mount Eerie

12/09/11 Washington Park some time between 7 and 7:45pm in
between 3 cedars at a camp site with fire blazing in the corner.  


this is a picture of Lovers Without Borders from What The Heck Fest 2011 at the Port Warehouse in downtown Anacortes 


This band sprung fresh from this Summer, I've been playing saxophone,
melodica and singing, Jessica Bonin of Edison(of Daffodils fame) on the
drums, Allen Peril from Bellingham playing the guitar.  We've released
a tape now that is currently out of print and recorded 3 different 7"
records, one with K out this coming Spring, one to be self released around
the same period, and one that is recorded by Alex Kostelnik in Seattle
that has yet to find its footing in the world.  They are all really good. 

Check out this song recorded at Kostelnik's 20/20 bike shop located at
2020 Union in the Central District of Seattle on November 9th, 2012: 

"Gentle Reminder"

more recordings from that show here.

We played a show in Summer of 2011 at The Heart of Anacortes which is at 4th
and O Ave with LAKE and The Daffodils.  It is unfortunate that my
recording of LAKE did not turn out because it was a lot of fun.   We were
having too much fun and kicking the microphone with each song.

Here's the instrumental song "My Harem Shall All Have Hashbrowns"

and here is "Take It Away"

Meet the Daffodils!

people, it's the Daffodils!Here are a couple songs from the Daffodils of Edison, Washington set
at this same show (with Lovers Without Borders and LAKE -- Heart of
Anacortes, August 26th 2011):

SONG by the Daffodils

ANOTHER SONG by the Daffodills

they have a sweet new recording that will be available at their release
show on November 26th (James's Birthday!) 2011 at the Old Edison
Tavern, 8pm.







One of Anacortes's newest bands, HCD is songwriter Nicholas Wilbur
(drummer for Mount Eerie) and Allison Foster -- drummer and singer --
at its core.   They dazzled the neighborhood here in Old Town just the
other day when they with their comrade Paul Benson's band Motorbikes
(also local) kicked off their tour from my back yard.

Here is a song from this show by Hungry Cloud Darkening

and here are two songs(one, two) from Motorbikes (Paul
Benson in blue flannel pictured below).

Hungry Cloud Darkening reveals their cunning prowess in a display of cord weilding






live at the Comet, March 11th 2011 "Curious Mystery -- We Creeling album
release party."  I performed at this show too (I guess that's obvious because it's
the theme of this blog!--unless otherwise noted), it was an amazing performance
by both of these bands.  Also the premier of the Curious Mystery video for
"Night Ride Reeling."

Listen to Curious Mystery's "Up In The Morning" from this Comet show.

Listen to Lonesome Shack sing a song that may be called "Ain' Nobody Hide
from God"











& THE WHITE FLAG BAND in her home town
of Athens, GA.   She hosted my show at Flicker this past Summer as did the lovely
Theo Zumm They both played sets of which I'd love to   post as soon as possible
if it's not up now.


By the way, Madeline's record Black Velvet is out and available right now (Early
Fall 2011) and waiting to be your favorite new find.


Madeline Adams in Black and Red hues. Josh D. Weiss did the photography more Josh at josh d. weiss dot c, o, m.


I didn't take this photo, it's holding the place of a photo I snapped at the show of
this recording:  Josh Weiss took this photo.  Thanks, Josh.  












photo of recording session, early spring 2011 and cold.

 Wizards of the Ghost    


 Erin Birgy leads her fabulous Cave Ghost choir








Mount Eerie/The Finches/WHYSP

The Business from the days of 1717 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes circa 2005 or 2006.  

Mount Eerie -- Song One, Song Two

Whysp -- warm up, Banter 1, Song One, Song Two, Banter 2, Song Three, Banter 3,
Song Four
, Song Five, Song Six

Finches -- Song One, Banter 1, Banter 2, Song Two, Banter 3, Song Three, Song Four








Chris Sand show at the Business.  Here's a song called "Horse Graveyard" -- there's a
story intro to it even.  Chris Sand aka Sandman is the subject of a new documentary
called Roll Out Cowboy which pertains to why Sandman is in town.  He's recording
a new single with local producer Phil Elverum for the documentary.  Thanks for surfacing
at our slumber-y village, Chris!













November 15th 2010, Can Can at Pike Place Market, Seattle, Wash.


It was a chill show, a Sunday evening with really high winds and some sort of
electro-magnetism in the air outside.  It was the last show of a tour for Broken
Water that took them up and down I-5 all the way across two borders.  Though
they were ready to get home, they played a really thoughtful set and even stuck
around until the end of the show to join Lori and myself in an impromptu
exploration of an instrumental nature.   I'll try and get that up here shortly as well.  
For the meantime:

BROKEN WATER  here are two songs:  this and also this

The first part of Lori Goldston's set from this night was electric and it is HERE.
(If you like this recording, try THIS ONE of Lori from a previous blaug entry.
Heck I would even suggest clicking on them so they play at the same time


Also this night during my set soul singer Tahoe Jackson got up on stage with me
as well as Kanako Wynkoop.  Mike Dumovich volunteered impromptu poetry for
Jackson and me.  This is that recording






A little group involving my brother, guitarist, Eddy Blau(Familia Wanderstaff, Bright
Brown, The Touks), Merlin Dylan Long on guitar, Brian Tottenham and Nick Myer
of Captain Fathom on guitar and drums respectively and myself on bass played a benefit
along with Bryan, Frank and Bob and Spoonshine on the 6th of November 2010 at the
Croation Hall downtown Anacortes.  The benefit raised money for Spoonshine to buy
music equipment since they got their rehearsal space jacked a couple months ago and
the thieves took more than ten thousand dollars in music equipment.

Spoonshine now features the songwriting and duet vocals of Jacob Navarro and  Bill
Cook(both formerly of Captain Fathom) now backed with Anacortes staples James Moffit
(Mouseheart Factor, Tugboat, Nubert's Circus) and Matt Hermstead (66% Chick).   It's a
crazy tight band these days.  Jacob still burns as fast and hot as he has when he was 17,
and even plays as loud. 

Here's a song from the Bryan, Frank and Bob (plus me on bass!).   B, F & B are members
of Anacortes bands Gravel, the Few, and Pounding Serfs.  This past year we recorded an
album together and it's in circulation around town.   Since I was on stage, Bill Cook of
Spoonshine held the recorder ( thanks Bill!) and I think he maybe even passed it around
a bit, so thanks to you who were involved in that.



and here's a song from

SPOONSHINE song from later on that night

That's Jacob Navarro wailing and gnashing on his guitar and you'll have to picture Matt
Hermsted on the drums with a smile you could see 7 miles away.  And so, shucks, we
ought to have a song link to a classic Captain Fathom song just because if I don't do it
here, no one will anywhere!  Big btw, I was bassist/singer of this band for like 10 years. 
Here's Unsunken Sailor from Captain Fathom's Dischordpatheos circa 1995.  




******CRAYON FIELDS********of Melbourne, Australia

US Tour October 2010

They came to the Northwest and I got to open up for these gentlemen at Northern in Olympia,
Mississippi Studios in Portland, and The Tractor in Seattle.  Geoffrey O'Connor has played at
What the Heck Fest (2008?).  And when I played in Melbourne in 2006 (or 5 even?) it was
with Geoff's earlier project known as Sly Hats and also with Guy Blackman -- Crayon Field's
label Chapter Music's director.


Here's a picture of Frank:


And here's Geoffrey:


What follows is from a lively show in Olympia at the all ages space downtown called
"NORTHERN."  Again, click on the hyperlinked song titles and they'll appear on a
separate tab or window.

"She's My Hero"  This was the forth song in the set, it's a mezmerrizing piece with that
classic F to G chord progression that I put in half of my songs.  (maybe it's C to D or
something, but you know what I mean!)

KLAPS label contributor and my brother Eddy Blau shared a set with me at this show
with Brian Tottenham (Captain Fathom) lending guitar leads.  Also playing this show
at Northern was GENERIFUS.  They played as 3 person, the drummer was so sparse
on his open faced drums -  it gave an epic feel to his well-placed hits.  Here's a newer
song from songwriter Spencer Sult of GENERIFUS.   SONG








Baltic Room, Seattle - 22 July 2010.  

     Here are a few recordings of bands formerly on Make Records which is now
merged with Talking Helps Records.

     [two songs] by KUSIKIA        ------------         one   two

                                                            Kusikia's singer and guitarist Nsayi Matingou screams in the foreground and drummer Peter Ryan, his beard weighing down his face has both arms down as if the thud and smash of drums  picture from Seattle Weekly

     Kusikia drummer Peter Ryan and singer/bassist/guitarist Nsayi Matingou
from Tacoma, Washington now reside in Olympia, Washington and Portland,

OR respectively.   Rumor has it that at the end of this school year -- spring 2011,
they will take flight on the road maybe forever we selfishly demand.   As you can
probably tell from these recordings, they are a very unique band and they're
awesome.  Peter Ryan records bands for the Make Records label.  I believe he's
recorded Forest Park's stuff.

     [two songs] by FOREST PARK   -------         one   two

     Forest Park is Maya Stoner, Cyrus Lampton, and Katherine Paul of Portland,
Oregon.  At least one of them -- I think Katherine -- is from LaConner which is
near Anacortes.  This name "Forest Park" to me is one of the darkest names I've
ever heard.   It just reminds me of how creepy people are I guess because I start
to think that people have the nerve to tell themselves that the forest is there for
their entertainment purposes.  I mean, that's true, but, ugh.

Takhoma also of Make Records played that night as well.  



The Business Anacortes, Washington summer 2010.  

     The Business has concerts all the time now!  This one is with Takhoma and
Motorbikes launching their first tour out of the state, also Mary Mary played this
show.  The touring artists had some beautiful letterpressed and just overall visually
stunning merchandise from tapes to skate board decks.

     excerpt from the Takhoma set ------------> this

Takhoma aka Carson Churchill of Tacoma, Washington (now Olympia, Washington)
uses guitar drone through thick delay to approach a single moment, intersperses a
penetrating, hypnotic drawling of tones with his voice.  I don't know any of the
lyrics to Takhoma songs yet, but I get the feeling they're Buddhist prayers of a kind.


Carson Churchill does the running man in mid air, the angle of the photo is from underneath so that the power line behind him serves to illude the observer like he just hopped over

TAKHOMA hopped out to Anacortes September 2010



  Motorbikes the last song from Business Show

Paul Benson, Motorbikes, moved from Mountain Home, Arkansas to Anacortes(!),
WA in 2008 and has been recording, making clothes under the Loop Apparel label,
skateboarding and riding his bike.

 Motorbikes' Paul Benson in a back flip against the blue sky

Paul Benson was seen pole vaulting over the sun late Summer 2010


 I N V I S I B L E    O C E A N



Sunday September 26th 2010

Willow Creek Campground, Camptonville, California

This was musically one of the greatest days of my life.  These recordings can't really
do justice to the scene there at Willow Creek.   Running behind the small stage and
alongside the audience to both stages, the gentle creek babble set the tone for a
relaxing and sonically soothing experience.   Thank you Eli Reitz and many more for
hosting Invisible Ocean.  
Listen closely for birds and brooks...

My set was after Daniel Higgs.  I'll try to get my grubby mits on a recording of it...
members of Soft Shells, Salt Minds, the Mumlers, Persian Wedding plus the Vanna
Whites -- and then this awesome dance party in the middle of the forest ensued.

(check back in a few days if the artist/band is listed here, but there's no song...)


Noon - Persian Wedding - This is the music of Oakland artist David Jaberi.
I seem to remember this song that follows is entitled "Struggle."  Sean Kaey
of Salt Minds is playing drums here. song

12:40  - Helen Renaut

1:30 - Ed Masuga - hailing from Berkeley, California Song

2:10 - Salt Minds - these wandering minstrels are Sean Kaey and Mariee
Sioux (yours truly jumped on the drums).  Song

3:10 - TV Mike

4:10 - Takhoma

5:10 - The Mumlers - feat. "Little" Will Sprott on the vocals.   I remember
looking around during this song and thinking "what the heck is happening!  t

his is so beautiful" as it was sunlight filtering through a dense canopy of
evergreen trees, and here we were out in the woods sharing music together. 
It was magical and this song was sounding so good -- Song

6:10 -  DINNER

7:20 - Soft Shells - Eli Reitz, Mark Deutsch many others! - Song

8:20 - Ruthann Friedman - Song

9:20 - Bill Wesley - Song

10:20 - Daniel Higgs - Song






Clyde Petersen is Ropin’ the Wind 
LAKE live with Stephen Steinbrink to Boot!
Happy EARTH Day
Northern California Random Encounter
Curious Mystery, Dub Narcotic 2010
Midtown Dickens visit Anacortes
KB Europe Tour Spring 2010
Arrington deDionyso “Malakait Dan Singa”
Nikaido Kazumi Cover
Angelo Spencer “Et Les Hauts Sommets”
Farewell to Department of Safety
Gigi "Maintenant"
Calvin Johnson Anticipation
Let’s Build a Zebra Tour LAKE/KB
Karl Blau “Zebra”
Mike Dumovich “The Shiv”
Blau Videos
Lexi Mountain Boys
Your Heart Breaks
Laura Veirs “July Flame”




































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